(850) 736-1007


Carolyn Cooper

Would love to have yall play at my wedding reception! My date is June 27. Looking forward to hearing from you!
662 352 4602

Todd Aaron

Sup Ricky,

I see you have got it going on! I love it! I’m very happy for you. I haven’t seen you for a while but you were always a great dude.



How much do you charge for weddings? Looking forward to speaking with you regarding a reception!!

Penny Keen

We have seen you at the IP in Biloxi, The Ameristar in Vicksburg, The Silver Star in Philadelphia and at the Golden Strike in Tunica, we really enjoy you yall are great! What do you charge for a wedding, would love to hear back from you?!!


Penny please contact Ricky at (850) 736-1007 for pricing and availability. Thank you for your interest and compliments.


I just saw you at Grand Casino in Hinkley MN!!! You guys were awesome!!! Too bad the place had such a small crowd on Sunday night, but you were great! I hope you’ll come back to MN again! Somewhere not too far from the twin cities!!! Best of luck!

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